Celebrate The Past, Design For The Future of Tower Grove Park

From the Garden Club of America

GCA Centennial Tree Project

What better way to honor the longevity, and continuity of the Garden Club of America than to celebrate trees! Every club in the GCA has proposed a long-term project that will have a meaningful impact in their communities and will exemplify the purpose of the GCA.

The Garden Club of St. Louis's commitment

Today’s Tower Grove Park forest includes over 7,500 trees, of over 325 varieties. It includes fine specimens of most of the species native to Missouri including our state flower, hawthorn, and our state tree, dogwood.

Tower Grove Park is a rectangular tract consisting of 289 acres. Between 1861 and 1870 the population jumped from 104,000 to 351,000. As the pressure of the growing population nibbled away at the surrounding prairie, Shaw personally oversaw the planting of several thousand trees, more than 200 varieties.

The Garden Club of St. Louis has a long standing connection to Tower Grove Park in St. Louis which spans nearly a quarter century. One of our members is John Karel, past Director of Tower Grove Park. Over the years we have encouraged and nurtured that relationship. It is our way to Celebrate The Past. Tower Grove Park's new director, Bill Reininger continues that role. 

The land for Tower Grove Park was assembled by Henry Shaw in 1868 who was responsible for Missouri Botanical Garden. The Park Commissioners include the Director of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter Wyse-Jackson, and the Director Emeritus of MBG, Dr. Peter Raven, both honorary members of GCSL