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Community Projects

Our suite of services delivers solutions for a variety of project challenges.

Our consortium of professionals take pride in going beyond problem solving to creating solutions that exceed client expectations.

We specialize in naturalistic, low-maintenance landscape concepts for commercial and government landscapes that complement the Midwest region landscape aesthetic while still promoting green solutions that incorporate environmentally friendly installation and maintenance techniques.

Current landscape projects:

  • Marketing materials which showcase an area's landscaping and open spaces as amenities as well as conservation-minded, e.g., brochures, website pages, interpreted signage.
  • Homeowner education materials that offer ideas supporting similar, easy-to-implement concepts for residential development to reduce resource use and make landscape maintenance easier. Corresponding covenants to guide residential landscape design and maintenance may also be developed.

We offer marketing and outreach services that complement our projects. Our marketing and outreach expertise grew out of our years of experience in conservation education as well as sales and marketing. Our marketing campaigns move beyond sales promotion to educate consumers and help our clients achieve improved business through long-term, one-to-one customer relationships.