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Our Club has a long history of helping beautify this lovely corner of Ladue and Warson Roads. Every fall our members plant a myriad of daffodil bulbs with the help of daffodil expert Jason Delaney, and we have traditionally planted a dogwood tree in memory of GCSL members whom we have lost. The City of Ladue, working with our Club and the Ladue Garden Club, recently completed a Master Plan for the park, including a trail, central meadow, bridge over the creek, and native plant signage. Beginning in the fall of 2022, work will begin to stabilize the banks of the creek and other elements will be undertaken as grants and City funds are received. We look forward to staying engaged in our beloved Ladue oasis.

Find more information on all things daffodils related here.

Members of The Garden Club of St. Louis strolled through the natural Missouri prairie in Forest Park, and learned how we can all turn parts of our own lawns into a beautiful natural habitat that supports local wildlife and cuts down on carbon emissions. This area of the park now supports local wildlife, including purple coneflower, crested iris, and a myriad of species of beetles, spiders, and small mammals.

To read more about supporting natural habitats like these, check out Douglass Tallamy’s new book Nature’s Best Hope HERE.

Peter Raven, President Emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden and longtime member of The Garden Club of St. Louis, has recently published his autobiography, Driven by Nature. It’s safe to say that few people have lived lives as thoroughly devoted to plants as Peter Raven has. The author of numerous leading textbooks and several hundred scholarly articles, Raven has been a tireless champion of sustainability and biodiversity for decades. His new book chronicles his life and work in support of the planet and of our environment.

You can purchase the book here: MBG Press

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